About Us and How We Can Help You

Bad breath is a taboo subject.  Whether you suffer from it yourself or know someone that suffers, no-one wants to discuss it.  

Bad breath is a problem that affects one in four people so not being able to talk about it or have somewhere to go to seek help is crazy!  Some people suffer in silence for years, they try many products on the market aimed at curing bad breath and nothing seems to help. You can visit your doctor who tells you to see your dentist, then your dentist tells you to see your doctor and you end up going round and round in circles whilst your confidence is in tatters.

Bad breath is generally caused by sulphur producing substances in the mouth and this gives off the odour. When cells die off and decay in your mouth as part of natural cell renewal this causes odour and there are also certain bacteria that occur naturally in the mouth which cause bad breath too.  Bad breath can also be caused by medication or a medical issue elsewhere in the body. 

At The Fresh Breath Company we want to help. How do we aim to do that?  

Having bad breath has a huge affect on one's confidence whether it be in the work place, relationships or socially. There doesn't seem to be any official medical organisation that can help as unfortunately bad breath is seen as a cosmetic issue. Those of you who suffer know it is not a cosmetic issue.  Those who suffer want to know the cause and how they can solve the problem.  We will do all we can to put all that information in one place, here on The Fresh Breath Company website.