Oxyfresh Gentle Formula Unflavoured Fresh Breath Mouthwash 473ml

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Unique unflavoured for those who have a sensitivity to mint and still want the freshest breath possible. No sweeteners of any kind.


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Oxyfresh Gentle Formula Unflavoured Fresh Breath Mouthwash

Fresh Breath. Plain And Simple.
Groundbreaking Bad Breath Treatment Without Flavours or Sweeteners
Uniquely unflavoured for those who have a sensitivity to mint and still want the freshest breath possible. We are serious about taking bad breath treatment to the next level. This formula is tasteless and it works every time. Zero sweeteners or flavours – just fresh breath you can count on.

Sensitivities to dental products can be real problem. They can be caused by medications, allergies to mint, chemo/radiation treatments, mouth sores, etc. Dental care products need to support these sensitivities instead of adding further irritation.

That's why we carefully formulated this special mouthwash to contain no flavouring or sweeteners of any kind. Unlike mouthwashes that have a high percentage of alcohol and strong artificial flavours (which only make bad breath and irritations even worse), we use our innovative, non-toxic, non-irritating ingredient Oxygene® to neutralise bad breath and bacteria for the freshest breath possible.

We recommend pairing with our Pro Relief Dental Gel for the ultimate in soothing comfort.

Benefits of Oxyfresh Gentle Formula Unflavoured Mouthwash

  • INSTANT, ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH - Finally say goodbye to bad breath with fast-acting Oxygene®. We don't just mask bad breath; we safely neutralise it at the source in just 60 seconds.
  • UNFLAVOURED - Contains no flavours or sweeteners of any kind for those sensitive to mint oils or other ingredients.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN - Fights the toughest bad breath when paired with our toothpaste or dental gel.
  • pH BALANCED - All of our products are pH balanced, as this is key to healthy teeth and gums. Low pH can cause tooth decay.
  • ALCOHOL FREE - We didn't jump on this bandwagon; we pioneered it. Our formula protects your smile without burning or dehydrating your tissues.
  • DYE FREE - Non-staining to keep your pearly whites shining bright.
  • NON-TOXIC - The safest way to protect smiles is to do it without harsh chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, masking agents, etc. We use only ingredients that matter for true dental health and are safe for the entire family.
  • DENTIST APPROVED - For over 34 years, dental professionals have loved and recommended our innovative dental care products.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We believe in our products, hands down. Our dental products are unmatched for excellence and effectiveness and are backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping). 
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