Tell a Friend

It is incredibly difficult to tell someone they have bad breath. It's important to consider their feelings and tell them in a way that will not upset them.  If someone close to you has occasional bad breath ie. in the mornings, after eating spicy foods, when they are on medication or unwell then there is no need to say anything except offer them a mint.  If they nearly always have bad breath and don't seem to realise, this is when they should be told. 

We appreciate this isn't always easy face to face so we have put together an email that we can send to them (anonymously on your behalf) which will tell them they have a breath problem and provide them with links to articles that may help them on their way to fresh breath.  

If you would like to see the email that we send to your friend, please have a look at our email template

Please do not put an email address into the form as a prank!  It could cause us issues if the email is reported as spam and this would stop us helping genuine sufferers.  We have lots of other ideas for pranks, so please email us if you want some ideas! 



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