TUNG Brush and Gel

The Tung Brush
was designed by a dentist in the USA who developed the brush based on the anatomy of the tongue. The Brush has short, firm bristles which are very effective at breaking down the tongue plaque which forms over the surface of the tongue. The brush sweeps between the crevices of the tongue removing bacteria and tiny particles of food debris. The head of the Brush is large but low profile and allows the back of the tongue to be cleaned quickly and efficiently to lessen the gag reflex.  

The Tung Gel complements the Tung Brush perfectly! The Gel is a fresh and minty formula which has been developed to help loosen and remove the bacteria from the crevices on the tongue. Containing a zinc compound, the Tung Gel helps to neutralise the sulphur gas that is emitted by the bad bacteria which lives on the tongue. This super effective Gel leaves your mouth feeling like you’ve just had a visit to the Dentist. Clean, fresh and minty!


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