Never used the TUNG Brush and Gel before?

Once you try it, you will always use it!

What is the TUNG Brush?

The Tung Brush was designed by a dentist in the USA who developed the brush based on the anatomy of the tongue. The brush has short, firm bristles which are very effective at breaking down the tongue plaque which forms over the surface of the tongue. The brush sweeps between the crevices of the tongue removing bacteria and tiny particles of food debris. The head of the brush is large but low profile and allows the back of the tongue to be cleaned quickly and efficiently to lessen the gag reflex.
Why Clean the Tongue?                                                                       

Clinical research proves that 90% of bad breath comes from gases produced by bacteria on the surface of the tongue. Researchers have a new understanding of how bacteria behaves in the mouth and it revolves around Biofilms. These Biofilms are sticky, protective colonies of persistent bacteria that are the major causes of bad breath and gum disease and these bacteria thrive in the oxygen depleted nooks and crannies of the tongue.

These hardcore colonies of bacteria are 1500 times more tolerant to antibacterial treatments and to the body’s own immune system! With their tolerance to antibacterial treatment and their hard to reach location on the tongue, the latest research recommends that mechanical removal (for example with the TUNG Brush) is the only effective way to penetrate and break up these colonies.

Do you use a Mouthwash? If so, you MUST clean your tongue first!

You could be using the best mouthwash on the market, but if you have a dirty tongue, how can the mouthwash do its job effectively? It’s like spraying deodorant or antiperspirant on dirty/sweaty armpits! Clean your tongue first with the TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel and then you can ensure you are giving the mouthwash the best chance to do its job!

How to use the TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel

  1. Run your TUNG Brush under warm water.
  2. Place a bean sized amount of TUNG Gel on the bristles, stick out your tongue and lightly brush the tongue from the back towards the front for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. After you brush and spit, extend your tongue again, take a deep breath and brush the back portion of your tongue quickly and spit again.

Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth and replace the TUNG Brush every 3 months.

Why using your toothbrush won’t work

Toothbrushes are designed for the teeth and gums and are ineffective for removing the hidden bacteria from your tongue.

A toothbrush has long soft bristles which flex and bend when pressed onto the surface of the tongue. This means the bacteria is pushed around on the tongue, rather than removed. Also the design of the TUNG Brush allows you to comfortably reach the back of the tongue without triggering the horrible gag reflex! Lastly, if you do use your toothbrush to clean your tongue, then clean your teeth, you are going to expose those high levels of bacteria to your gums which has the potential to reach your bloodstream. Use the TUNG Brush, it’s a much more effective and safer way to clean your tongue

How does the TUNG Gel work?                               

The TUNG Gel complements the TUNG Brush perfectly! The Gel is a fresh and minty formula which has been developed to help loosen and remove the bacteria from the crevices on the tongue. Containing a zinc compound,the TUNG Gel helps to neutralise the sulphur gas that is emitted by the bad bacteria which lives on the tongue.  The highly water soluble TUNG Gel rinses clean, leaving no residue build-up on the brush or on your tongue.  When finished, it leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath fresh.